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December 28, 2021

Quote of the week: “We know very little, and yet it is astonishing that we know so much, and still more astonishing that so little knowledge can give us so much power.” Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970), British philosopher and mathematician in “The ABC of Relativity”

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From The Editor's Corner

More corrosion-resistant equipment and parts

Patenting activity is a direct measurement of the culture of innovation. According to the figures, the ten most innovative countries by patents granted per capita are Taiwan, Israel, United States, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Germany. As we have mentioned before, the Japan Patent Office is one of the outstanding national centers of patenting worldwide. This is closely linked to Japan's culture of innovation and its post-World War II industrial development.To look at Japanese inventions is interesting for any Corrosionist. Then, the following are three expired patents that could be useful for solving problems anywhere or inspiring related solutions facing the current challenges concerning the handling of corrosive substances associated with the present and coming industrial processes. The first patent is about a high corrosion-resistant stainless steel for applications like chimneys. The second one relates to a special metal coating to catalyze a proper oxygen/hydrogen balance, thus controlling the aggressiveness of low aerated water flowing inside pipes. In the end, it is reported an invention about a polymeric/ceramic composite coating particularly resistant to aggressive electrolytes like copper refining baths. Further than the coating, the patent includes a unique geometry of the Cu refining container. It is worth remembering that they are patents that have already expired. Therefore, all three are free for any use, including economic exploitation.

Expired exclusivity

Patent granter: Japan Patent Office – JPO

Patent No.: 02170946

Title: High alloy stainless steel for chimney, flue and desulfurizing equipment having excellent corrosion resistance

Inventor (s): Akira Matsuhashi, Eiji Sato, Masayuki Abe, Hideo Anpo, Takeji Matsumoto, Ryuichiro Ebara, and Ideo Nakamoto.

Applicant (s): Nippon Steel Corp. & Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. Ltd.

Expiration date: 23.12.2008

Summary: It is a patent referring to the formulation of stainless steel having high resistance to general and crevice corrosion in environments like chimneys desulfurization equipment. Key fact is a minimum addition of alloying elements by regulating its compositional critical value. The claimed composition contains 0.004 to 0.05% C, ≤5% Si, ≤2% Mn, 18 to 25% Cr, 14 to 24% Ni, 1 to 4.5% Mo, 0.5 to 2.0% Cu, ≤2% W, ≤1% Nb, ≤0.5% V, ≤1%Ti, ≤1% Zr, ≤0.1% Sn, ≤0.05% Al and 0.01 to 0.3% N, ≤0.03% P, 0.001 to 0.03 % (Ca + Ce), ≤100ppm S, ≤50ppm O, and a mathematical inter regulation of the several alloying elements.

Expired exclusivity

Patent granter: Japan Patent Office – JPO

Patent No.: 05195266

Title: Method for reducing flow-assisted corrosion of carbon steel components.

Inventor (s): Young Jin Kim and Leonard W Niedrach

Applicant (s): General Electric Co.

Expiration date: 31.07.2012

Summary: This procedure is addressed to control the corrosive attack of carbon steel pipelines transporting low-oxygen water. For this purpose, a thin coating of the platinum group metals (Pt, Pd, Os, Ru, Ir, and Rh) is deposited on the steel. This coating acts as a catalyzer of the water splitting. The ratio of hydrogen vs. oxygen, in ppb, is maintained about 1:8 or more, and the water becomes less aggressive to the steel substrate.

Expired exclusivity

Patent granter: Japan Patent Office – JPO

Patent No.: 05195277

Title: Container for corrosive-resistant material

Inventor (s): John O. Harry and George Verhagen

Applicant (s): Corrosion Technology Inc.

Expiration date: 13.06.2011

Summary: This invention concerns constructing a highly corrosion-resistant container for corrosive electrolytes such as metal refining baths. It is a vessel with a unique geometry, including walls covered with a cured polymer concrete shell. The special coating is applied using a unique process, which is also described. This coating is a composite consisting of a polymeric matrix of a thermosetting vinyl ester and polyester resin, impregnating about 20% to 30% by weight of fiberglass mat reinforcement.

​​Remember: Protection of materials and equipment is a profitable business!

Prof. Carlos Arroyave, Ph.D. Editor.

Materials Biz News

How to get a European patent

The 21st "European Patent Guide" was released this October. This new document aims to provide all the interested people an outline of the procedure for applying for an European patent.

Travel grants for the ECS meetings attendance

The Electrochemical Society (ECS), specifically the Corrosion Division, provides travel grants to students presenting papers in division-sponsored symposia at ECS biannual meetings. Preference will be given to students whose attendance at the meeting will involve overseas travel. Thus, participants from overseas are strongly encouraged to apply and will be given preference for meetings held in the United States.

Gallium alloys to replace troublesome moving parts

The ingredient in question is a cleverly chosen liquid, which is any of several gallium alloys that melt below room temperature, this causes a pressure difference in the area of ​​the metal deep enough to attract the reactants, allowing the donation of electrons and the desired chemical reaction. The laws of physics determine where these liquid metal machines are most efficient. This means that liquid metals engineering will be more efficient for a few inches or smaller objects.


Get a postdoctoral fellowship at Western University

Postdoctoral position.

An opportunity to get a PhD on sustainable metallurgy

PhD positions in sustainable metallurgy.

Join into a world leading company in the energy and oil field

Materials management professional intern.

Enhance electro-thermo-mechanical properties of raw polymer

Research fellowship.

Networking & Knowledge Exchange​​

Corrosion under insulation - Level 1. On-demand

Energy institute is offering a corrosion under insulation course to provide the foundational knowledge and competency required for visual inspection of asset integrity threats, this will be useful for inspectors, NDT technicians, fabric maintenance personnel and any member of maintenance and operations teams of onshore and offshore assets, this course will include topics such as:

  • Where does CUI occur?
  • Why does CUI occur?
  • Potential locations of CUI
  • Signs of CUI
  • Insulation types
  • Mitigation of future risk of CUI

Completion time: Between 1-2 hours.

Tech Day 2022: Technologies of transformation - Patenting in an era of global challenges and opportunities. Virtual

EPO (European Patent Office) is sharing for the first time to the public this annual event celebrating the innovation bringing together teams of experts from across the Office to explore a technological theme of special significance, providing unique insights into sustainable technologies as well as healthcare innovation ecosystems.

Date: Wednesday, February 16th of 2022.

Starting time: 13:00 EST (GMT +1)

AMPP Annual conference and expo. In-person

AMPP (formerly NACE) is sharing a five-day conference to join previous CORROSION and Coatings events in the new AMPP Expo Annual Conference. This newly combined event will include a program of technical symposia, forums, workshops, management and standards meetings, and poster sessions for students.

Date: From Monday, March 06th to Thursday, March 10th of 2022.

Venue: San Antonio, Texas, USA.

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2021 Corrosion science symposium and advances in corrosion protection by organic coatings (Link)

Corrosion under insulation - Level 1. (Link)

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