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September 07, 2022

A unique moment for handing over the Materials.Business baton

Post-globalization time could be characterized by the confluence of a series of global threats never experienced before. Perhaps one of the most severe challenges experienced by humanity since the beginning is unfolding: Worldwide risks from the health, economic, and societal points of view, all interlinked with the unsustainability of our own lives on Earth. As always, difficulties are challenges, and humans must find solutions, and many of them are concerned with the materials holding humans developing up. Caring for materials has become a star gig, and we can say that the "Golden Age" for Corrosionists has arrived.

Concerns about climate change and the sustainability of our lives on Earth are Concerns about climate change and the sustainability of our lives on Earth are being consolidated. Nowadays, conventional sources are scarce. We have imbalanced the surface Earth equilibrium. And currently, we are planning to begin similar actions by penetrating the planet's core, exploring the sea beds, and extraterrestrial bodies such as the Moon, Mars, meteorites, etc. More thoughtful steps could be proposals about "urban mining," steel dealloying, and others related to the broad Circular Economy model. Greek people knew about the importance of anti-corrosive measurements to save infrastructure. Many times, our role is to save appearance. Over a century ago, we were dedicated to trying to save money, and a series of studies in a row, from Uhlig's report in 1949, have shown that anti-corrosion pays. Sometimes, corrosion prevention saves lives and avoids health problems. Furthermore, saving the environment has been a must in some cases. Right now, Corrosionists have the challenge of saving the planet.

A recent white paper authored by a group of renowned European and Chinese Corrosionists and entitled "Corrosion challenges towards a sustainable society" shows some of the corrosion and anti-corrosion issues concerning old and new problems to be solved as a condition for higher but greener energy production. There are mentioned subjects like a design for programmable corrosion, more corrosion resistant and cheaper alloys, better testing and monitoring procedures, a deeper understanding of corrosion and protection mechanisms, and so on. Some proposed approaches are related to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing. In the end, the study highlighted anti-corrosive practice as a relevant component of humankind's sustainability imperatives in the frame of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The paper also suggests that as essential as knowledge related to corrosion and protection theory and practice is, a societal umbrella, with the community and its leaders involved, is required. In other words, Corrosionists have a social duty to make others aware of how relevant corrosion is concerning the planet's sustainability: Decision makers, rulers, political leaders, c-level positions, academics, families, adults, and children. The tunnel vision about sustainability must be changed. It is necessary to move from a place where concerns are limited to carbon dioxide emissions, towards a holistic perspective, including resource scarcity, non-circular manufacturing, short-life infrastructure, overconsumption, unaffordable goods for all, and other issues related to materials use and availability. Only in this way will the problems of corrosion and its protection manage to position themselves and fill the lack in the agendas of the international and national entities, both public and private, that have to do in one way or another with global warming and the sustainability of life on Earth.

Corrosion awareness promotion is a must for all Corrosionists, including scientists, engineers, and all the experts dealing with the subject— associations, companies, and other organizations at any level, too. In particular, researchers and teachers have the social commitment to work as much as possible to make aware of corrosion and protection all the social actors around. With this aim, almost two years ago, I started the publication of Materials.Business. Efforts have been paid by an audience of more than twelve hundred colleagues receiving and reading the weekly edition of the newsletter with enthusiasm. Now, tuned with the breaking point that corrosion awareness needs, it is with great pleasure that I am transferring the baton towards a new generation of Corrosionists, in the head of our colleague Monica Hernandez and the company she leads, Infinity Growth. Indeed, in Monica's hands, the newsletter will be the meeting point for all the Corrosionists that post-globalization demands. Fair winds and following seas, Materials.Business!

 Remember: Protection of materials and equipment is a profitable business!

 Prof. Carlos Arroyave, Ph.D.

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