About Materials Business

Materials Business is the room for the confluence of more than 40 years of experience in my life, dealing with corrosion and protection of materials, moving from the basic research and theoretical considerations, through many technical solutions given to the industry in several fields. Such experience arrayed with a lot of other activities, including a strong component on networking, entrepreneurship, innovation, and high level education. It will be the room shared with all the international community of colleagues interested on a valuable engagement, with a precise purpose: To optimize the relationship between time looking for relevant information, and expended money as a decision maker in your business.

Aim of this project is to put in your hands information and knowledge concerning with your professional challenges and responsibilities, around your current and coming work. Purposes like the below mentioned will be pursued:

· Improve the efficiency of corrosion prevention and control work in your company.

·Discuss solutions to the professional challenges you are facing.

· Meet with experts and colleagues with diverse perspectives that will enrich your vision to face current and future challenges related to asset management and the integrity of materials, parts, and equipment.

· Learn from the most recognized national and foreign experts who will actively participate in this meeting point.

· Know the results of the investigations that have been recently completed and those that are under development or in gestation.

· Identify entrepreneurship and business opportunities around anticorrosive protection and prevention solutions.

· Read up on new developments in equipment, instruments, processes, technologies, etc., available in the market for the management, study, and attention of issues related to prevention and control of corrosion and related topics.

· Recognize and demand competencies that corrosion and protection professionals will require for years to come

· Present your services and products to a privileged audience.

· Increase your visibility and promote yourself in an international community.

· Strengthen and establish new professional and business relationships.

· Attract talent for your professional and business environment.

· Gather in opportunities for personal and business development in the international arena.