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Amazing news for our new channels

We are happy to announce to you guys that we are going to share all our interviews via podcast and through our YouTube channel also.

You will find below both links, the Spotify interview and the YouTube channel, so please subscribe to both.

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, CEO & President at Infinity growth , as a Speaker at MECOC 2022, talking about the "Can you achieve Sustainability while effectively Managing Corrosion and Integrity?" at The Ritz-Carlton JBR - Dubai, UAE, from 21st to 23rd November.

Monica has over 20 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry manly working in corrosion and integrity management. Lately, her attention has been given to Sustainability and Circular Economy, in a constant search of how Engineers, Technicians, Designers, can contribute in the best way to the future of humanity. After spending many years in the corporate world, she created her own Consultancy firm: Infinity Growth. She also very much enjoys passing on the learnings she has acquired along her career, that is why the latest acquisition of Infinity Growth, is a newsletter that merged with a podcast, aims to share knowledge with anyone that wants to take it. Monica is a Metallurgical and Materials Engineer, member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta-Canada and active member of AMPP (former NACE), including the SP21466 committee which is working towards developing a Materials Sustainability Standard for the industry.

To register, e-mail us at or call us at +97142790800

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